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C 043/E

TYP C 043/E
Cutting, stamping and bending device for axial components

The Streckfuss machine Type C 043/E is designed, to cut stamp and bend axial leaded components for both horizontal and vertical mounting.

To make the insertion of components with short leads into p. c. boards possible, the leads have to be cut to suitable length, bend to the required pitch and -if necessary- stamped.
Both, suitable length and required pitch can be adjusted by adjusting screws. After this set-up the components can be processed. Option: the adjustments can be checked by a digital display.

The stamping result for the leads depends on the used tool. These tools can be manufactured to meet customer requirements. The machine can be re-set for the different tools.

The taped components can be processed automatically. The processing-speed is continuously variable. The tool change for different bending dimensions takes about 2 minutes.


  • dimension:

840 (with roll-off block) x 480 x 450 mm

  • weight:

approx. 45 kg

  • electrical:

230V 50Hz / 200W

  • bending tool:

horizontal and vertical bendings

  • pitch (horizontal):

7,5 mm to 50 mm

  • pitch (vertical):

2,5 mm to 5 mm

  • lead Ø (horizontal):

0,4 mm to 1,3 mm

  • lead Ø (vertical):

0,4 mm to 0,8 mm

  • components:


  • production rate:

8.000 Pieces / hour (continuously variable)

  • option:

  • Digital display of raster and cutting dimensions

  • Recording device for roll or Amopack

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