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A 041

TYP A 041
Solder lug inserter


The device Type A 041 is designed, to insert stored solder lugs (solder posts) into
p. c. boards, spool bodys or contact banks. The solder lugs are pressed into the p. c. boards by an Foot pedal-activated air cylinder. The p. c. board is centered by a insertion pin. The device can optionally be equipped with a light point adjustement. All usual in the trade solder lugs which are lined up on wire or adhesive tape can be processed.

Retooling to different solder lug forms is possible and easy to do. The p. c. board is placed in the frame and will be adjusted. After that the p. c. board has to be shifted manually into the working area. The setting postion can be placed trough a luminous spot. The insertion itself is triggered by a Foot pedal.


  • dimension(L x B x H):

330 x 600 x 500 mm

  • weight:

approx. 15 kg

  • compressed air:

4 to 6 bar

  • magazin:

300 to 400 taped solder lugs

  • production rate:

approx. 3.600 Pieces / hour

  • operation:

Foot pedal

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